HobbyTech STR8 truggy RTR in promotie!

Hobbytech STR8 Truggy RTR in promotie! Il puteti achizitiona la 1499 RON pana la sfarsitul lunii septembrie!

Automodel Off-Road scara 1/8, cu tractiune 4×4
Motor nitro (termic) GO .25
Servo directie cu angrenaje metalice Xtronics 12kg
Radiocomanda cu 3 canale tip pistol 27 Mhz, display LCD functii EPA/EXP/ABS

Inaltime: 210mm
Ampatament: 357 to 363mm
Ecartament fata / spate: 413mm
Ecartament spate: 419mm
Garda la sol fata / spate: 65 / 79mm
Greutate: 4110gr

Mai multe detalii aici: http://www.radiomodele.ro/automodel-hobbytech-str8-truggy-cu-motor-go25-rtr.html

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