Motoare NOVAROSSI – noutati 2012! prezinta cateva din noutatile Novarossi pentru anul 2012:

Novarossi ToBe .46 – marine, 7.5cc
Displacement: 7,49cc
Bore x stroke: 20.85mm x 21.94mm
Number transfer port: 9
Carburetor: aluminum with separate reg. max
Glowplug: C6TGF
Exhaust position: Rear

Novarossi Roma .25
Displacement: 4.04cc
Practical RPM Range: 6,000 ~ 42,100
Bore x Stroke: 17.10x17x60mm
Transfer Ports: 7
Front Ball Bearing: Steel
Rear Ball Bearing: Steel
Crankshaft Type: 14mm – SG
Carbuetor Type: 9mm Slide
Carburetor Material: Plastic
Carburetor Adjustment: Single
Glowplug: Turbo-C6TGC
Exhaust Position: Rear
Fuel Type: Advise: 25%

Novarossi Keep-On .21
Displacement: 3.5cc
Practical Range: 6,000 ~ 46,800 RPM
Bore x Stroke: 15.88×17.60mm
Transfer Ports: 9
Ball Bearings Front: Steel
Ball Bearings Rear: Ceramic
Crankshaft Type: 14.5mm – TURBO SG ‘TUNED’
Carburetor Type: 9mm Slide
Carburetor Material: Aluminum
Adjustment: Double
Glowplug Type: Turbo – C8TGH
Exhaust Position: Rear
Fuel Type: Advise; 25% Nitro
Weight: 336g

Novarossi Keep-On .12
Displacement: 2.1cc
Practical Range: 6,000 ~ 44,500 RPM
Bore x Stroke: 13.70×14.25mm
Transfer Ports: 3
Ball Bearings Front: Steel
Ball Bearings Rear: Ceramic
Crankshaft Type: 11.9mm – TURBO SG ‘TUNED’
Carburetor Type: 6.5mm Slide
Carburetor Material: Aluminum
Adjustment: Single
Glowplug Type: Turbo – C5TGF
Exhaust Position: Rear
Fuel Type: Advise: 16% Nitro
Weight: 227g

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